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Thread: collectibles dont count storageroom correctly

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    collectibles dont count storageroom correctly

    When you try to send a trade to a friend, you can see how much you have in store. It will say "10.007/105.000" or whatever amount you have.

    Now the funny thing is, the collectibles still show the storagelimit like it was when they arrived. They just dont count the improved storages taht have been build sine then, where the other resources do that correctly. There are now 2 different storageroom-limits. That is... weird. You would think they would use the "count storages" function, but apparently the developers designed a new count-storage script just for the collectibles.

    My settlers think it's because the improved warehouse is for big things only. The tiny collectibles would get lost too easily in those huge warehouses

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    ... and your poor settlers spend 6 hours mousing over ever plank, stone & guild coin in your stores trying to find that last collectible when you wanna make PEE.

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