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    Hey everyone!

    Current contact (at 2 February 2022) is BB_Trafffer.

    As most of you know by now, i'm the new GM for the European English version. So i will be dealing with scamming reports and such. I will follow suit with a 0 tolerance policy also.

    Contact Support to report "scammers".
    We do not condone any kind of scamming from players, however, before we can take action, we must have evidence of the offence committed.

    We will need:
    Undeniable screenshot evidence displaying the scam and any relating whispers with the offending player. Click here for more details on taking a screen shot and uploading it.
    A detailed report sent to Support, documenting the date, time, players involved and full details of the trades. Please remember to also include the link to the screen shots if you choose to upload them. You can also choose to wait for the automated response to your support ticket (that you will receive on the mail you used to sign up) and attach the screen shots to your reply.

    I am personally handling all scam reports and using "FAO BB_Trafffer Scam" as title for your support ticket will get the ticket assigned straight to me.

    DO NOT name and shame the person in the game or on the forum.
    According to TSO's Rules of Conduct, Public denouncement regarding cheating is not permitted whether it be multi accounting, trade scamming or any forbidden activity of that type and could result in a chat ban.

    I would like to emphasize that ALL trades should be double checked before finalizing.
    Regarding lootspots, please confirm the conditions in the trade tab before buying!

    Happy Trading!

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