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Thread: crash game bug

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    Post crash game bug

    this pass few days game starts to go out alone i play and just says chat servers not avelibl click refresh i dont know why its like 10 times a day

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    affecting me tonight (chronically) and it's never affected me before (although I have heard of it happening to lots of people).....

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    well, there are 2 Things you need todo check thats it is not own ISP that make a Network change or it do happend in the cloud sometimes that some gear goes Down and then you can be affect by it...but Again most people dont know such issus,
    do a command "cmd" if its on window
    then "tracert"
    and last entry should be something like this from my place i have many hops (15)
    15 220 ms 225 ms 225 ms []
    16 time out

    then you have reach right place through that last info, if that last info is shown as info
    other thing is a part of the afk idle issus, game has notice that you are away and many games can do that so it dc people to free up server connection so other people can play and login....
    im just a player not a mod...i think a mod or bbteam should have replyed and close this post...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessica8812 View Post
    this pass few days game starts to go out alone i play and just says chat servers not avelibl click refresh i dont know why its like 10 times a day
    Are you using WiFi at all? I found this happened to me a lot at a hotel I stayed at during a holiday and struggled with it due to poor connection. Not saying it's that for sure, but I've seen this bug most frequently when I've had poor connections.

    Some other players have reported a few other symptoms since the last maintenance, have you suffered from any of the following issues listed in this thread? Or is it just the Chat issue you're suffering with?
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    With online games speed of responce between server and client is a critical factor, therefore it would make sence to have your server as physically close to your target market as possible. Now you might think but the signal is travelling along the internet cables at the speed of light, this thinking is both right and wrong. Yes it's traveling at 1 c but c does not equal 186,000 miles a second as most people believe. That number refers to c in a vacum, in other words it's like your broadband speed, a maximum possible speed under ideal condictions. In electronics and cables the speed can be less than 1% of that idea speed. fortunatly for us it's not as low as it is in the solar mantle (less than 0.4 miles per year).

    I too have run tracert a few times, every time it has failed with a time out. However what it does show is the IP address of the settlersonline server, using a lookup service you can physically locate the server on the map. It's on the US west coast. Given the the facts I mentioned above I find it utterly illogical that our servers are on the wrong side of the planet.
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    In the case of settlersonline and most other hosted games, the server you connect too is determined by your geographical location. During heavy traffic it could be you are redirected to servers further away but with less load, however in normal cases you should connect to a server close by.

    I'm living in the Netherlands and in my case the gameworld server is located in the uk, but my images are loaded from a server in France.

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