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Thread: Welcome to Funny Farm!

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    Jul 2012

    Wink Welcome to Funny Farm!

    Looking for a friendly, relaxed guild? We might be the guild for you.

    Kind and gentle souls are welcome here...

    Message Andromeda_Star and LadyLionheart for a chat (and/or invitation)... and bring along your sense of humour.

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    I've been in a few guilds over the years and the Funny Farm has been the best one. The guild tag is [Wacky]. We have members across time zones so there is almost always someone online.

    Send mail to myself, Fuzzball_NZ, mupped, LadyLionheart, Freedmont, Raydel, Mulanshang75, Warnoz, ICEEMAN, malaclover, or niddela for an invite. Do it now!

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