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Thread: Gems3 are now recruiting

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    Cool Gems3 are now recruiting

    We are an established guild and are part of the Settlers Elite group (400+ strong)

    Only active players please. Free membership
    We aim to offer a friendly united guild which helps & supports each other
    We also have a weekly lottery with generous prize funds and
    a Settlers Elite III (Gems3) guild forum

    Must be an active player
    Complete your daily quests (we always help each other with these)
    Level 12+ (as soon as you get your trade office)
    Willing to work as part of a team

    If your interested in joining our established, supportive, friendly guild and are an active player
    please send an in-game mail to TBDragons or PacAttack1982. At the very least could you state
    your level and willingness to be an active member of the guild, otherwise you may be rejected.

    We look forward to you joining us
    Happy settling
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