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Thread: [FAQ] Christmas Event

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    [FAQ] Christmas Event

    Dear Settlers!

    With the start of the Christmas event there may be some questions and we'd like to answer.

    This is the Christmas event FAQ. Find all other information in the > dev's diary <.

    Move buildings:
    The function was deactivated on short notice due to a critical bug that could lead to locked zones.
    We are working on an hot fix and we will keep you posted.

    As an interim solution for the players who have to move a building in order to fulfill a quest, the quest will be completed automatically (this might take some minutes so please be patient).
    In case you still have questions or need advice, please contact our Support Team and they will assist you further.

    Christmas Collectibles:
    These special collectible items will spawn randomly on your island in random amounts. It is possible to get no special items, get a few or get a lot of them. The first will appear after the first collectible item refresh on your home island (keep an eye on the collectible quest).

    Christmas Surprise: In some quests and texts the "Christmas surprise" is called "advent calendar".
    The surprise feature does not work like a calendar.
    Each door represents one event day, starting with door "1" at the first event day.

    Starcoins (door 12):
    The starcoins can be received by all players.
    However, only players with level 50 can buy items for starcoins in the shop.

    Trade with re-fillers:
    Trades only work with stacks of 25 units per re-filler at the moment.
    We are working on a fix.

    Improved provision house:
    This new production building will also be available in the shop (for gems) after the Christmas event. [/LIST]
    Feel free to leave feedback in this thread:
    [Feedback] Christmas Event FAQ

    Ho Ho Ho and Happy Settling!

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    Dear Settlers!

    To make sure your Christmas is as Merry as possible, there have been some tiny fixes:

    Moving buildings is now again possible. The bug responsible for deactivating the feature has been fixed.
    It's possible to request more than 25 units of deposit refillers when trading again.

    Merry Xmas!

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