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Thread: Stolen sleigh vet guide

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    Stolen sleigh vet guide

    Never did a guide before and not sure this is a guide. I would like to have done a lot more trials, but they kept resetting the test server.
    Troop losses might be higher than stated here. Especially L4 is uncertain. Troop composition and losses is a qualified guess, but not a proven fact. If you use this guide, then perhaps you could report back on your losses? The Croaker does not behave like any other known boss and thus the combat calculaters are of limited help.

    Not much difference between having elites or using ordinary soldiers. I didnt find any camp where blocks could work, but perhaps more experienced guide writers have better luck.

    The loot does not at all justify the troops lost. (Unless BB adjusted that before the adventure went live). Do this adventure for fun, not for profit.

    Edit: Just saw a small error in the "no elites". You need 144 soldiers, not 111.
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