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Thread: [Guide] corona88 adventure guides

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    Quote Originally Posted by SSSecretSquirrel View Post
    are guides in this thread still up to date? specially the tailor ones.
    They still work as the author intended. However for the use of champions and skills you need to sim all non blocking attacks to get the best result.
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    Quote Originally Posted by topgearfan View Post
    well if i try a new guide i always triple check everything and everything was exactly as in the guide.

    of course there is always the possibility of a bug..
    Removed : p

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    adv Raiding the Raiders coop = Block C6 + single attack L07 MG270 or GIM280

    Tested + approved easy !!!

    Block C06 = 50 Nomad, 150 Riding Amazonian
    ==> GEN200tav= 30S 140ES 10Kann - (285sec)
    ==> MOD200 = 140S +40ES = 7.3R (257.9sec)
    ==> MOD200 = 120S +50ES+10B +10Kann = 5.95R (257sec)

    single attack L07 = 49 Nomad, 100 Cataphract, 50 Composite Bow, x1 Uproarious Bull
    or,= MG270= 185R 85ES (02 round -40sec)) ==lost 160-162R
    or,= GIM280= 180R 100ES ==lost= 160R-164R
    or,= GIM280= 180R 1M 80S 19ES ==lost= 161R-164R

    Start MG or GIM on flag 7 =the advantage (distance) of the block gen

    This block is very very easy and ++long lasting block-time
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