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Thread: Wells and fields

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    Wells and fields

    These ignore your building licence limit. I think they should also ignore your build queue limit.

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    Why so you can build hundreds in next to no time making the likes of silos and watermills not as good? making them a waste to buy, making people not want to spend gems on buying them?

    Bad idea... My opinion.

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    I would be willing to bet that the amount of lag this would introduce would result in the field building process taking longer than it does now.
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    I like this idea. wells and wheat should be taken off the build queue, it the middle levels when you know enough o have plenty of troops to do adventures and progress faster but too poor to be able to afford silo's and watermills. It takes over an hour to replace them all daily, getting really repetitive and boring. Wastes so much time, if a poll was taken what was the worst thing about the game, this would be very high up.

    Besides it would not detract from the value of the other buildings as they are major space savers and you will need that space for noble houses or other things. Please take them off the build queue.

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    If people could plant 100 fields in no time (in relation to build setup etc) then you could log on spend 5 minutes replacing all your fields and log out for another 24 hours. Then once a week or so you could stay in the game longer and do an adventure. Weekend Warriors as a term would spring to mind here. This would remove the need to automate field replacement tasks - which is what silos do and thereby remove an income stream from BB.
    The same can be said for wells and not needed to replace them with watermills.

    So this would be a terrible idea for BB.

    BB will accept that for every 100 people that join the game, XX% will stop due to boredom, XX% will stop due to other reasons and XX% will stay for 6 months, 12 months, 18 months etc. For the average % that stay in the game BB will also have a view as to what the average gem spend will be based upon historical data. If you remove the primary area that gems are generated (mid level players that want to stay in the game, grow and remove laborious tasks through silos and watermills) then you will utterly destroy their business case / their game income and the game will fold.

    You still think its a good idea?

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