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Thread: [Feedback] Cooperation adventures - First insights

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    [Feedback] Cooperation adventures - First insights

    You can find the thread here!

    Please leave your comments and feedback below.
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    Will this see the end of the current crop of adventures and loot spots?

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    New features always provide a breath of fresh air. However, could BB please tie up some loose ends before moving ahead with yet another introduction of a new feature. As we stand now,

    -There's still two skill trees that have been announced but not implemented to the game
    -There were also economy adventures announced ages ago, though never seen on test or mentioned since
    -PvP (need I say more?)
    -Epic workyards were announced of which one type has been seen on test, but not implemented to the game
    -A rework of the mail system was seen on test but not implemented to the game
    -Similarly a 'news' window was announced a long time ago, never seen on test or mentioned since
    -New bean or beanstalk items have not been added although many high lv players have everything worthwhile acquired
    -New guild coin items have not been added although virtually every player in the game has everything worthwhile acquired
    -There was a rock removal feature briefly presented on test, but no news of implementing it to the game
    -Guild bank was presented on test, but no news of implementing it to the game

    Quite a list, huh? A few items, like the rock removal which was mentioned to be in need of further development, can understandably get postponed. And some might already be waiting for implementation right after Christmas event ends. But there's quite a few others that I'd like to see finished before yet another feature gets added. Either that, or hear that these features have been canceled or sent back to the drawing board. Top priority would of course be with the science skills for general and home island, but I have to say I've been personally most disappointed with the complete dismissal of the economy adventures, something that I saw as a realistic feature to be implemented and was highly looking forward to them.

    On a positive note, co-op adventures possess a tenfold more potential than the last "exciting new feature", the collectibles. I will only say for sure once the thing is live though, and all of it, not just a first phase never to be followed with the rest.

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    Interesting.... but how about bringing economic (or how they were called) adventures first? You cant do fighting 24/7 unless you have insane economy to support that. So economic adventures would be nice alternative for the times when you are waiting while your armies are rebuilt. Plus you prommised that looong ago unlike this cooperation kind.
    Edit: One the positive note: Its sure may be a very nice addition, depending on loot/experience/losses ratio. In other words if they will be worth doing i.e. rewards give more that you loose. Otherwise it will be just another widely ignored feature.
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    Its a nice idea & would get peeps working together more, but I have to agree with King-Fero when are the features we have all been waiting for (some for years) going to be implemented? do bb have a think tank of 50 with only a 1 armed programer to do the work?

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    From the image, there's one obviously good thing about at least one of the new adventures: an end to massive, sprawling maps where it takes 30 minutes to walk from one end to the other. That sort of design idea really needs to be maintained in normal single player maps, too.

    But ultimately, it still looks linear with the only challenge presumably being communication between the players - for which, as Fero has already suggested, we need the improved mail system! It's not very reasonable to present 4-player adventures without also providing the means for those 4-players to communicate easily.

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    I for one would like to see the items on King Fero list, and may I add, a complete overhaul of the Barack interface as well. If any feature is well outdated, this is it.

    best regs,

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    to Gerontius (and developers):
    yes we need customizable chat-rooms or private-message rooms where more than 2 people can chat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King-Fero View Post
    New features always provide a breath of fresh air. However, could BB please tie up some loose ends before moving ahead with yet another introduction of a new feature. As we stand now

    +1 from me - why to add new features - if there is a lot of things to fix in the current version ??

    And one thing from me - how about removal of trees and bushes ?? There is a lot of space that could be easily recovered and much better utilized ...

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    Great ideas but as previously mentioned by others is this just another pie in the sky idea by BB that never gets implemented. Try working on 1 thing and working on it right instead of inundating us with something new every week.

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