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Thread: About the required flash upgrade

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nogbad View Post
    Gerontius, the original post did specify version 12.
    Not sure which original post you're referring to... Only post I've seen is:
    Dear Settlers,

    as most of you know, the game uses the Adobe® Flash® player.

    Please update it to the latest version.

    On Monday the game will require the latest version. In case you didn't update Flash® so far, the game will ask you to do so. The newer Flash® version comes with improved security and new opportunities for development.

    Happy Settling!

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    So in order to play a flash game, i MUST use Chrome on Linux, since i have installed the latest flash plugin, but that doesnt work.
    That is NO solution, if at all, its a workaround.

    Just making "air".

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