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Thread: Skill bonus adventure quests

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    I currently have 7 lower level adventure skill quests waiting, but have never had th e same quest twice at the same time. Currenylu seeing if I can get the full set of advs as skill quests.

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    Currently have 12 quests, had 13 - YWC which I did. Have only one explorer with that skill so it takes ages, but seems to be limited in what adventures it finds. It does include coops - have Whirlwind, and scenarios - have several of them. Not sure if I had VLT, but certainly never had anything of Fairy tales above that and none of Alis above YWC.

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    I have 20 currently.

    You can only get skillbonus quests for adventures you can find with adv search. VLT is there. You cannont find any FT over VLT or any 1001 Night over YWC with adv search so they have no skill quest for those.

    Also previosu discussion is 5 years old so many not be entirely pertinent to current game.

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