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Thread: Flash Reports

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    Flash Reports

    Daily I receive reports from Chrome-Flash - just 1 example (related to mail-box - started since today)

    Chrome - Flash player report = Action script errors
    TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
    at GUI.GAME::cMailWindow/updateMailListUI()
    at GUI.GAME::cMailWindow/exitEditState()
    at mx.states::State/
    at mx.core::UIComponent/removeState()
    at mx.core::UIComponent/commitCurrentState()
    at mx.core::UIComponent/setCurrentState()
    at mx.core::UIComponent/set currentState()
    at GUI.GAME::cMailWindow/HideWithoutQueue()
    at GUI.GAME::cBasicPanel/Hide()
    at GUI.GAME::cMailWindow/Hide()
    at GUI.GAME::cMailWindow/sendMail()

    It does not interfer with the availability - or use of TSO.

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    You might have installed the flash debugger. You can check by opening a new tab in chrome and go to aboutlugins

    Be sure to click on the +details in the top-right corner to see the necessary details

    If you only have one option below "Adobe Flash Player", then you are not using a flash debugger
    If you have two options then 1 of them might be a flash debugger version (could also be the normal flash player used in Firefox, but I found no way to see the difference). In any case, if you have more options make sure that only 1 of them is enabled. To restore chrome default disable the plugin with type NPAPI

    If that is not the case, I wouldn't know why you would see those reports.

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