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Thread: New building sleeping tool?

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    New building sleeping tool?

    Hi Tso,

    I'm sure some of you might agree with me, having to put to sleep and wake up a whole production chain can be some work, especially it requires a couple of clicks per each building, further more so if you are a high level.

    I would like to suggest to implement a sleeping tool, this can be selected from the build menu and you can click once on buildings to switch them from awake mode to sleeping and vise versa.

    I do believe this will make managing your production lines more faster and fun to do.

    Any extra thoughts on this matter is most welcome.


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    maybe they an do it like in anno, you double click on a building and it openes a window with a list of example 10 farms and tells you their status. and you have a sleep all button or wake all one O:

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