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Thread: Lower the price of Endless Copper mine

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    Lower the price of Endless Copper mine

    TSO should really lower the price of endless copper mine by alot since 100 euro's is way way to much money to pay for one building.

    to get 20k gems from weekly and level up u need 200 weeks if u only get gems that way since 200x100 is 20k or if u get to level 50 u get a total of 7350 gems and that is far from 20k

    but taking into consideration how long it takes to get lvl 50 u might get around 5000 gems from weekly login

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    Don't be silly

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    Endless copper mine is a luxury item. It's not at all necessary, but certainly nice to have. It's the sort of item that rewards people who are happy to commit some money to the game, but doesn't particularly punish those who would rather not. It is important that some players do spend money of course to sustain them game. I feel like BB have for the most part nailed the balance here.

    There's also fairly regular double gem sales (around once a month), so if you spend money at those times, it becomes 50 euros.

    If you plan on sticking around you can also just buy gem pits first, then spend the gems they accrue on copper later (takes quite a while though).

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    get ur waIIet out :P

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