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Thread: Newfoundland Auction Channel Group

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    Newfoundland Auction Channel Group

    For the last 2 weeks auctions have started up again in global-3

    The Auctions are taking place at 7pm (UK time) on Saturdays (Saturday was voted as preferred, this can change)

    Big Thanks to all that have participated and made it fun so far

    A group has been created where people can leave feedback, come up with ideas, suggest other days time etc. You can find the Auction Group here

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    The auctions were a great success. Most people had great fun and that is what they are designed for. They are not for those who take things too seriously. we have found that the 1 minute auctions were the best fun. Many people got great bargains But that's because other players were willing to auction items at a loss. And some sellers also got better than trade price for their items so they were very happy too.

    All reasonable suggestions are welcome and everyone is welcome as long as they obey the rules and don't abuse anyone else in the forum. sellers decision on winner of auction is final and screenshots have been provided by sellers when requested to verify the winners.. (due to time lags we see different things on our screens)..

    Many thanks to all those who sent me feedback mail following both of the last auctions and a special thank you to Bluefairy for setting up this thread and for all the work..

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    Thanks VinConway and BlueFairy - an excellent event - was good fun although I rather the shorter 1 minute auctions ;-)

    PS - I've already joined the group

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    Would be awesome if there is auction for low level player.. New player like me wont be able to compete with lvl 50 players with infinite source of gold

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