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    Is it enough for the first general to enter the area of effect of the camp I wish to block for the 2nd one to not be intercepted, or does my 2nd general needs to pass the area of effect of the blocked cmp only while fight is in progress?


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    Your general needs to pass all the way through the red zone, attack the camp, and win while the blocking fight is in progress. This is why many guides and simulators will tell you how long a blocking fight is likely to take.

    So, for example, you send general A to block camp A, and general B to attack Leader Camp B

    General A should take as much time as possible, so use a slow general, and try to have a battle that lasts for many rounds (losing just a couple of troops in each round).

    General B should be as fast as possible. He needs to walk past the camp being blocked, and destroy camp B before the battle at Camp A has finished.

    When Camp B is defeated, the leader of the sector dies, and so do all other camps in that sector. This means that the battle at Camp A finishes immediately, and ALL of your troops are returned to you.

    The exception to this is when you use a 1R block. In this case, the battle at Camp A would be really short (you only send 1 recruit), but it only needs to be enough to allow your General B to pass through the red zone. Timing on this type of block is much harder, and usually, General B would only pass through the corner of Camp A's red area, and so only need the camp to be blocked for a few seconds. This method cannot be used if General B has to walk through the entire red area of Camp A.

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    thanks thats reaIIy heIpfuI jams

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    Thank you very much for your thorough answer.

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