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Thread: this is ridiculous!!!

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    BB have actually taken steps to ensure that collectibles don't appear behind rocks - there were a few locations they used to appear where they couldn't be found, but they don't appear there any more.

    It's much harder to implement a system that prevents a collectible appearing behind a building - I believe they appear anywhere it's possible for you to place a road (or already have), yet they don't tend to appear in closely packed areas, or behind buildings very often. When they do appear behind buildings, it's usually a larger building - if a normal building was in the same location, the collectible wouldn't be hidden.

    So, to find collectibles:
    • Run your mouse through all trees on your map
    • Run your mouse over any large buildings
    • Carefully check immediately in front of every building
    • As Saraptheold said, remember the locations where they were 'hidden' and double-check those places each time
    Following those tips above, it's rare I miss any...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATHTHEMANIAC View Post
    final gave up trying to find the last egg of easter egg hunt and used the fairy buff...
    the egg was behind a building out of sight there is no way any one could of seen it ....
    this really suxs....does BB think hiding eggs behind buildings is a way to make money from the event as the only way to find it is by buying the fairy buff which reveals all the eggs....
    this is why players get angry at BB and thier crass money making cons.....

    just checked the price of the buff is BB expect me to pay 9gems cause they cheating by hiding the eggs behind buildings so they cant be seen ??
    the game should be fair not unjust and need to rethink this style of making money BB!!!!

    O Rly?

    So according to you, BB is hiding the eggs behind your buildings. Do I understand that correctly?

    Like they come to your island and personally hide them somewhere out of sight completely so you'll give up when things aren't easy and handed to you on a silver platter and spend gems?

    O Rly?!

    Or is it more likely that there are specific spawn points of the collectables and BB has no control over the fact that you put your building in front of their collectable spawn points? Thousands of people play this game, each one of their islands is slightly different than the next. You really think it would be even remotely possible to prevent a collectable from appearing behind someones building?

    Is BB being unfair and crooked to make money? Or should you perhaps put that space in between your ears to use and think about it for two seconds before coming on the forums and flaming BB because you can't find that last collectable?
    "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." ~Benjamin Franklin

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    They should call them invisible eggs if they cannot be seen.

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    Well, tonight I think I had the "ultimate" hidden collectable.
    It was hidden under.... *drum roll please* .... another collectable.
    Didn't even show on the mouse-over, only way to find it was to find and collect the one hiding it.
    We love our new CM.

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    yep I've had that too Nogbad

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    maybe benfranklin you could take your own advice....there are plenty of places on the map that you can not build if you had any knowledge you would know this,maybe BB could of made the places you cannot build the spawn points so they do have control where collectable spawn.
    if you think i am wrong delete all your buildings and try to build something you will clearly see all the places you cannot put any building in!!

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