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Thread: G3 Auction 19/04/14 7pm (UK time)

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    G3 Auction 19/04/14 7pm (UK time)

    Thank you to all that participated in last weeks auction

    There will be an auction in g-3 this week, too.

    If you've never been to the "new" auctions, or the ones that Tixco used to run - you can find more information in the Newfoundland Auctions Group

    If you have things to auction off - it would be great if you could add your name to this list

    At the moment it is lighthearted. Saying that - we do try and avoid banter so that the auctioneers can see the bids.

    The lag gremlins do appear - so people might see different winning bids. When this happens - the auctioneer need to be able to provide a screenshot of what they see. It is what the auctioneer sees that decides the winning bid (otherwise we could do an eternal round robin with screenshots)

    Hope to see you on Saturday - and happy bidding
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