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Thread: [Guide] DP wi/MMA+VET 110R 13S max loss

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    [Guide] DP wi/MMA+VET 110R 13S max loss

    It's a variant of the Evil_J short VET Cannon guide using a VET, a MMA and 1 additional GEN for troop transport (fx BHG for maximum speed). If 2 VETs and 1 MMA is used all troops can be transported back after finishing.

    The Evil_J original map. All credits goes to him for the original work.

    Move MMA and VET to X1

    Attack C2 directly with VET and get intercepted by C1 and T1 on the way

    C1 + T1 + C2 : VET : 1R 1E 242C : 1R max loss

    When VET is done with C1 and on the route to T1, attack BC directly with MMA and get intercepted by C3 and C4 on the way

    C3 + C4 + BC : MMA : 62R 13S 1E 144K : 62R 13S max loss

    Move MMA and VET to X2

    C5 : MMA : 7R 1E 212C : 7R max loss

    Use MMA as wave 1 and finish with VET

    DC : W1 MMA : 1R / W2 VET : 39R 1E 114C 96X : 40R max loss

    110R 13S max losses (103R 7S average)

    Troops needed : 110R 13S 2E 242C 144K 96X : 607 total troops

    EDIT1: This guide is ultrafast. Call for the LS before you make first attack and it can be completed in 37 minutes including troop transport time to the adventure.

    EDIT2: If the loot spotter uses a MMA have them hit C5. And change that attack to MMA 1E 219C for zero loss. Saves potentially 7R.
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    nice guide Saturnus, fast and good working ty
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    This guide is MUCH faster and more simple, and just 40-50r more losses when the 13 dead soldiers are taken into account. Far superior speed DP guide which is fantastic when event items are available as adventure loot.

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    Love this guide - thanks

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