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Thread: [Dev Diary] Achievements System

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    [Dev Diary] Achievements System

    More information about the upcoming feature - Achievements System

    Dear Settlers,

    This developer's diary entry is related to a new feature: Achievements System. Full activation of the Achievements System (interface) is planned for 20.05.2014 22.05.2014. It will enrich the game with new challenges and some interface adjustments.

    The calculation of many achievements (e.g. "Log in every day for an entire week" or "Complete 5 adventures against pirates")
    started after the maintenance that took place on the 7th of May 2014. Players will be able to check their current progress in the Achievements System interface that will be activated with the maintenance on 20.05.2014 22.05.2014.

    Achievements to unlock
    There are more than 200 achievements to unlock!
    There will be 6 main categories of achievements introduced to the game:
    • General
    • Economy
    • Military
    • Skills
    • Social
    • Adventure
    Each main category will consist of multiple sub-categories with a huge amount of achievements available.
    Most of the achievements will provide only achievement points, but some of them will also grant rewards (e.g. Gems).

    Adjustments of the interface
    An additional field will be added below your avatar: It will present your current amount of Achievement points.
    A special option called "Compare Achievements" will be added to the context menu (after clicking on a friend's icon).
    Each unlocked achievement will be indicated with a special message displayed next to your avatar.

    Ability to compare achievements
    After a corresponding option is selected from the context menu (after clicking on a friend's icon), a comparison will show up.
    What does the comparison look like? Here is an example:

    How to open the interface of the Achievements System
    It is easy! Just click on the field displaying your current amount of Achievements points:

    Please feel free to leave your feedback here.

    Happy settling!
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    UPDATE: Due to the change of date in maintenance, the date for this Dev Diary is also changed to the 22nd of May 2014.

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