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Thread: Planned(Lvl 50) Star coins for quest XP & Conversion of former quest XP to Star Coins

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    Planned(Lvl 50) Star coins for quest XP & Conversion of former quest XP to Star Coins

    Dear Settlers.

    Completion of tasks like adventures or quests is rewarded with Experience Points (XP) that are needed to level-up. The current level cap is 50 which means XP cannot be used to increase the level again after you reached level 50. In the past the new resource "Star Coins" was introduced which can be used to acquire Epic Items like soldier mercenaries, Fairytale Adventures and more.

    Level 50 players who finish adventures are already rewarded with Star Coins instead of XP.
    But there are some quests that grant XP. This topic has been discussed by level 50 players for some time.
    A main request is to convert quest XP to Star Coins immediately like the game already does in case of adventures.
    The realization of this request is planned for one of the next game versions.

    Plan: After reaching level 50, all Experience Points
    from quests will be immediately converted into Star Coins!

    Former XP rewards from quests that were not taken into account by the game, because of the level-cap, won't be forgotten:
    Level 50 players will get an in-game message with the appropriate amount of Star Coins.

    The first test version of the changed game functionality will be deployed on the international test server soon.
    Please note that some time is needed to test everything until this change goes live.
    But in the end no level 50 player will lose anything, because all XP without level effect will lead to a nice Star Coin package later on.
    After the change, adventure and quest XP will lead to immediate Star Coin rewards for players who reached the level-cap.

    Please feel free to leave your feedback here.

    Happy settling!
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