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Thread: Football event practice match teams not disappearing.

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    Football event practice match teams not disappearing.

    Hello all, the problem I have come across is that during the practice football match one of the midfielder players did not disappear. The tackle buff was used and it appeared in the news feed as being successful but the player remained and the quest chain is still open. Annoying because the items needed to produce these buffs are a premium at the moment and I don't have enough to produce another. What causes further problems is that I was about to start a Black Knights adventure in an attempt to hopefully find some footballs. Sadly though, the system says that I'm on an adventure so that option is also locked out.
    Come on BB, sort it out please. This makes playing TSO frustrating which is not why I come on here, I want easy escapism, not grief.

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    Op is it the middle midfielder as there are 2 to defeat so you have to do It twice, the first time you attack him it only defeats 1 midfielder

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    One of the midfielders requires 2 buffs - Check out the event guide from the test server

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