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Thread: Server move, Avatar and Name change!

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    Server move, Avatar and Name change!

    Atm you can not move your Account to another Server or change your Avatar and Name. I can understand this, that would be alot of extra work for BB and employees cost money.

    TSO get there money from gem sales so why not offer those services for gems or why not for real money in the shop? Many other games mostly mmos have those services today cuz it generates good money. Charge around 10 euro for a service like that.

    That is not to much money, its on pair with other games. A service like this will never be free and I would be happy to pay to be able to change my Avatar.

    Thats my two cents

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    if you want to change name you can contact support mate
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    I doubt BB would do a server move, even for gems. There are too many variables to make this viable.

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