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Thread: 48 hours to answer the ticket?!?!?!

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    48 hours to answer the ticket?!?!?!

    It is a mystery........48 hours to answer the players ticket - no way..............
    And so go.......recieve a quest to produce 5 bronze swords - in the storage - 150 bronze bars, 250 coal.......producing time - 6:40......the building is buffed..........there is not even a production green bar to point how much time left..........Last 45 min - no swords are doesn't finish.......
    What the average player have to do?......where have to write, to who have to write.......?!?!
    If we have to respect the rules, why the same governor doesn't respect his own rules?..........
    Answering the ticket is up to 48 hours - already 56 hours and still nothing.......
    Now tell me to open the box of "Ï don"t know what" to fulfill the requirment of the quest for the [removed] 5 bronze swords
    there is a picture about my bronze sword production

    there is no bar to show when the production will be finished.........and I wait already 45 min, and no sword is produced........

    Hello Yrvag13,

    Please do not use swear words on the forum, not even masked.

    Thank you,
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    I have to ask, is your storage full? If that is the case the production of that resource pauses until used, sold or whichever

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    Sounds like a full storage to me too.
    Also sometimes a quick question in the help tab in game, or a post here on the forum can solve a problem quicker than sending support a ticket. Your problem may not need support to help at all.

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    If memory serves all support tickets are answered within 2 business days. In times of high traffic this may take longer.

    A few things you can check is is your storage full? A work yard wont produce if there is no room to put new products being made. Also does your workyard have sufficient materials supplying it? Lastly a workyard that is in the process of being upgraded wont produce anything.

    In my experience 9 times out of 10 a quick trip to the ingame help chat channel is normally enough to solve most issues so maybe in future try there as there is usually a plethora of very experienced player with lots of experience willing to help you.

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    Yep, the two most common pitfalls, either the storage is full or it's a "waiting quest", and you haven't done the one previous to it.
    We love our new CM.

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    It was good while it lasted.

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