In EVO, we've been having a hectic time trying to get the collectibles to all our members scrambling to finish the football adventures. The guild bank has been bustling with activity lately, and our wonderful guild members have been donating all their unneeded collectibles, allowing us to build up a bit of a store.

First of all no, we're not able to help you with shoes, banana peels, springs or any of the other really rare ones. However, there are some resources we have accumulated in excess of what we need, and we're opening the vaults to Newfoundland at large.

If you need any of the following:
Wet Grass
Shoulder Pads

Put up a trade on TO for up to 150 of whatever resource you need for a fish, and send me a mail ingame (EctoRune). If I'm online, and we still have resources left in the bank, I'll go and accept your trade.

We know that most of you likely are struggling with other resources, but unfortunately for the rare ones, we're still not clear on whether we'll be able to supply all of our own guild members. However, keep in mind that it's sometimes possible to exchange a buff that costs shoes with a different buff that does not, and try to do so whenever possible.

If anyone else finds themselves with excess resources, feel free to post in this thread and hopefully we can work together to get everyone as far through the event as possible!