I have been doing a lot of adventureing this weekend, and therefor my barracks was starting to fall behind.
So haveing several Mr MEyers buffs in starmenu I started using them. I have been using them all day, at least 5 of them. but I never really got any troops. first I didn't notice, but a point I ran out completely.
I started looking in my barracks, and it made the same 25 bowmen over and over and over again, and they didn't even get added to my army.
When I complained in guildchat a guildmate told me he had that bug almost ½year ago, and he wrote support even then. If you have bowmen in your que, your Mr Meyers might not work at all. I even wasted gems to try and finish that que item and that didnt help either.

When finally the Mr Meyers was over, I used a Training Overtime instead so I could start get some troops, then it started the same bug, even though I no longer had any bowmen in que.

I now cleared all the queso the barracks became emty, and started adding them again. with the bowmen I deleted first, this was 5k units of troops I deleted that I have to add again, a lot of annoying clicking. And with BB so conserned about bugs now with the imp store house glitch - I would like to know what I should demand? Can i ban them? They have wasted a lot of my resources, more of my time, and made sure I can't play all night even if I wanted to - what I did.

I will ofc be writing support