Saturday 16/08/2014

Please welcome your host VinConway for the fairly regular Saturday Auction Event.

This week it will commence at 7:00 pm / 19:00 BST.

Please come and join us all in Global-3 for the event.
Newcomers always welcome and encouraged to partake.
Don't be shy, come and find a bargain, or a buyer for your bulk items.

To get to us in global-3 chat channel type the following (or copy/paste) into your chat box /j global-3 then hit return/enter key.
Once the auction has finished or you have run out of coin/resources, type /j global-1 and hit return/enter key to return back to the normal global-1 chat channel.

For those who wish to be more involved, there is a Newfoundland Auctions group on the forum.
Here you may find advanced notifications of lots, specials, auctioneers, and any changes that may affect format etc.

Here is a reminder of the basic rules.

If you join G3 after auction start time, please be careful about announcing your presence as an auction may already be in progress.