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Thread: [Guide] 27 Island of the Pirates in a Day

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    first and 2nd attack ok with Vet and 250 R or 220 R and 30 k , but i lost with vet -220R and 30K on last leader, anyone got a setup for last leader for vet? (ofc ill use normal 101 R + 149 k) i have only a vet, 1 bhg and normal generals... struggling to get major still .


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    I've kinda tweaked this a bit myself to save a few Rs on the 1st camp and ensure the last camp is actually killed. It involves 1 MMA, 1 Vet, and 1 regular general, and adds a couple minutes onto the time above, but is nearly as fast:

    send MMA with 199C and 1E
    send Vet with 250R
    send reg (or BHG) with 170R 30E

    attack camp 1 with the MMA (199C, 1E, lose 0)
    unload the Cav, load into regular gen and send home
    attack L2 with MMA (219R, 1E) - by the time this attack is done, your regular general should have arrived.
    attack L1 with MMA (110 or more R, 1 or more E)
    attack L3 with MMA (189R, 31E)

    losses are 310-320R usually
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    Great way of doing ADV while not really all 'dedicatedly' available at Settlers ...
    Thanks Solzar!

    rathbone93, I'm gonna try your version tomorrow!!!
    but.. ... attack L2 before attacking L1 ??? ...

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    any new IOTP with chain pulling? i cannot play RB's with blocks, did few (over 100) and i quited adventuring till we find a new IOTP like adv. thanks

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    This style of advertuning suits me very well,
    thanks for this!
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