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Thread: Game playing slow on mac since 2 weeks

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    Game playing slow on mac since 2 weeks

    I've been playing settlers on my macbook pro for about 2 years now and since a week or two the game has become slow. Clicking on something takes 1 sec to react, this is extremely annoying. My system didn't change except maybe some automatic updates. The game is slow in both safari and firefox. Everything else on my mac runs just as normal. What can I do to get it back like before? Did some of the updates on my macbook or on the game cause this troubles?

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    I experience the same problem, i thought at first it was my own macbook but i understand now that more Mac users are having this problem. At this moment i do not have a solution. I can expect if more people are having this problem with there mac, that this is a general issue

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    Sounds about the time Adobe did a Flash update, I'd start looking there 1st.
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    Major problems for me as well - and also in the last 2 weeks (on a macbook pro), tested on both Firefox and Chrome. I filed a couple support tickets, but we haven't made any progress narrowing down the source of the problem. I often can not buff other players, or don't see any updates if other players buff me (they may happen, but I get emails indicating the player buffed me rather than an on-screen notification). Also have problems switching between home, other players or adventures; the game typically locks up with the "map loading" popup window; I see chat rolling below, but it never loads the new map.

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