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    To be honest with you, I have gone with this game from the start, I have led a guild from feb 2012 till now, we have gone through a lot of changes, at first it was really exciting , when we was all trying to climb that ladder to get to level 50 etc etc. but actually I stalled from 45, because I couldn't see what the point was, I was happy just to see my members progress and we had quite a good vibe going , everyone helping each other , new members joining and staying !, but this last year has become one of such a disappointment, everyone getting really bored, I have lost about 25% of my guild just through bordom alone, you can do so many rb's at level 50 and it's just a drag, the fairytale adventures are just monotonous, tedious , take too many troops, ok, I have had a few new members in the last few weeks, but as soon as they get to about level 32 they too themselves get so hacked off about the game. Do you want to know my opinions why?, the first thing is the island itself, not enough room to put buildings because of rocks and stumps, (that was the first thing you should of sorted out, before this xtra level 50 stuff). the second thing I think is you have all the level 50 people, who need extra stuff, something to aim for. what I'm saying is if you can salvage this game from rock bottom , then do it, if not, be honest, tell everyone this game is dead, but don't worry we will bring out a new online game soon, but it will be better , bigger map, bigger ideas. come on bluebyte sort it out.


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    I tend to agree with you Fred, I also initially felt he same when I hit level 50, what left is there to do. Im not interested in ft adventures tbh, like you I think they are tedious and now I have MG general theres nothing else that I really want. I see so many ft castles sleeping and everyone says how useless the epic workyard is that I am not going to waste my beans on buying that. So what am I doing? well doing as you say RB, helping out lower level members in the Guild, and I guess thats the only thing. There definately needs to be something more for level 50, and not just for level 50. There are so many brilliant ideas on these forums why are they not being implemented? Weve had people in Guild that when they hit 50 have just said ok im done now and whats left and they have quit the game. If BB wants to kep players they have to make it worth the while to stay on. Keep it exciting, give us more space or another island or ships,?? I will continue to play as I do really enjoy this game and I love working as a team in the Guild. I think the Guild is only thing that keeps me here:-)

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    well BB do have things in the pipeline, and they are being tested in a closed beta test server.

    The above was announced on the normal test server, and people were asked to complete a questionnaire and asked if they were prepared to join closed beta.

    Id just sit and wait for now and see what is announced in the future.

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    BB want this version to die so we all leap aboard the Kingdoms of Anteria train. Nuff said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simmosgirl View Post
    BB want this version to die so we all leap aboard the Kingdoms of Anteria train. Nuff said.
    That is incorrect, as Blue Byte is actually working on both titles with 2 dedicated teams. There is no change for TSO, that is just a new game from Blue Byte.

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