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Thread: General idea

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    General idea

    There are some new faces amongst generals. Just new faces, not new generals. We could us some generals that are different than ones that are already here. Here are some of mine ideas, some are here just for fun, but some might be useful.
    N00b general, only leads 100 troops. Usage: traps, suicide attacks. (probably some other name )
    Kamikaze general, leads only one unit, recover instantly (or very fast). Usage: 1R blocks, lootspoting.
    Desperado, goes alone, kills one unit, travels fast, long recovery (ore none). Usage: lootspoting.
    Captain, make camp on raft. Saves land. Probably non attack general, like QM.

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    2-minute General that can fight please

    Hi BB,

    We now have a quartermaster that can travel to adventures in 2 minutes. He's great, thanks for the good idea. If I forget to send troops, or run short, he can save me 13 minutes of waiting around.
    Could we please have a 2-minute general that can fight?
    I don't mind if he only carries 200 troops. In fact even less would be fine. Just as long as he can help out with an attack.

    Thanks in advance!

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    had just occurred to me a similar idea. It will be very useful general who travels very quickly. Brings 1-10 units. Strong as MMA. And be restored quickly.
    I support the idea of a fellow.

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