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Thread: windows tablet and TSO?

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    windows tablet and TSO?

    I am about to buy a tablet for general browsing-reading etc, and i was thinking about windows tablet.

    Does it work with TSO?
    How is it?
    too much lag?
    Is it a realistic alternative for TSO?


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    If you mean a windows 8.1 RT (the arm based version of windows) its ok but a little slow. I posted ages ago about using the first generation MS Surface RT with the game.

    Its got much better with the newer Surface 2 and now Surface 3 but in all honesty I would avoid the RT version if possible and go for full windows.

    Also a mouse is still handy as although touch works and is great for screen scrolling and single clicking activities it gets to be tedious on a small screen with buffs etc. The touch interface also often requires you to touch an area of the screen and then touch it again in the same place to register as a mouse click. In effect you are moving the cursor to the chosen screen location and then touching again to click. This is different to a mouse as you are moving the screen location as you move the mouse and then only a single click is required. This approach also seems to work differently in some applications to others so it takes some getting used to.


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    I use a Windows 8.1 (Full, not RT) 8" Tablet : ACER.
    It has a keyboard & mouse (bluetooth)
    It works, but not *great*. Good enough to do everything but adventuring, that would be annoying (but do-able).

    100% good enough to do the event quests tho (I did the entire christmas event on it)

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