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Thread: [Feedback] Special Week

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    ... and the new units come in 25s; old units stay in 25s; lag's the same with all bad versions, queues take 45sec+ to register a change

    pvp on its way

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polymer View Post
    New combat system would make that pointless, no need for serious copper production chain (not much use for recruits), but for iron (and they added 2 more iron mines on the new islands).
    It seems to be more like: 'uhh you bought our newest type of CostlyBuildingGemSinkhole... good, lets make it useless and invent CostlyBuildingGemSinkholeNo2'
    New combat system will only affect Epic Raid advs.
    People will still prefer to play Tomb Raiders over and over again so no difference there.
    25/11-14 , 23/02-16 .. The end is coming and it will look like this .

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    I think you missed a trick here BB unless the costs are still up for debate within BB Towers.

    My suggestions would be. Do not sell the extra land for the tiny sum of 199 gems as they was on test server but make it more of a challenge.

    Say 500 gems for the small island, 1000 gems for the medium island and 2500 gems for the bigger island. Making it 199 gems for each will mean everyone will get them quickly and lower levels will flood their land with more water and farms fields whilst higher levels will go for more advanced buildings to become self sufficient. Both will introduce more lag and also enable people to have a more balanced economy and thereby rely less and less on trade to create a self sufficient economy.

    Or even better, we all complain that Level 50 is end game and many get to this level, stay for 3 months, get bored as there is no further challenges and then leave. As such you could instead make the islands unlockable by star coins only. A nice healthy number of say 2500 star coins per island. This will encourage people to see there is life after L50 and will force people to think carefully about doing adventures for beans (generals, gold towers etc) or star coins and then to choose between the buffs, extra premium days or more space.

    Personally I prefer the star coins option but I am sure many will say no they want everything available to themselves from day 1, so am prepared to be flamed for proposing the above.

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    +1 fishs

    As long people can buy with gems the extra islands manny people will get soon al those 3 small islands.
    They only cost (testserver) like arround 600 gems. BB only 1time doing the trick with gem sale and lots of them have those 3 islands.
    So i must agree that buying those island beter be with starcoins, on the otherhand also lots of lvl 50 players have them more than 20k i suppose

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    +1 for Fishslice as well

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    I can see what fishslice is getting at but I rather doubt the islands will be even close to 199 gems each, it might be nice if there was some sort of quest line leading to opening up the extra space. I can't honestly see the need for anyone to have access to them until they are in the low to middle 40's and maybe even wait until 50. Maybe buying the quest line with star coins could be an option.

    But reality says the islands will probably cost significant gems coupled with more expenditure on licenses or gems spent on buildings such as workyards, the amount of space these 3 islands give will probably be a significant revenue stream for BB one way or the other.

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