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Thread: To Epic Adventure or not?

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    To Epic Adventure or not?


    I am now on level 42! Woooo hoooo.....

    My next quest is to do an Epic Adventure, is The Invasion of the Nords one? I have the Black Knights, but I think it will be too high (level 9) as I don't have any canoneers ans very little Elite, although I do have 150XB.

    Any thoughts? Should I just forget this for the time being?

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    The epic adventures are:
    The Black Knights
    The Dark Brotherhood
    Secluded Experiments
    Roaring Bull

    Black Knights and Roaring Bull are both achievable at L42 with Elites. Saying tht it all depends upon your playing style. i.e. How long do you generally take to do an adventure, what's your population count / size of army etc. At your level I would have thought you would be doing a fair few Black Knights, Roaring Bull and Nords by now.
    Maybe ask in your guild or join or a guild with people of a similar level and share experiences....

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    Ah, thanks for the advice. I was thinking about the more advanced adventures. Need to get some damascene swords though or granite to build a swordsmith! ThenI will go on the advanced stuff!

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    For the quest I would just do a lootspot (and I think I did ).

    Reading the guides for the adventures will tell you how much troops, generals and time they will take and give you a hint if you like them or not.

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