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Thread: Golem buffs cluttering up the "Star menu"

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    Golem buffs cluttering up the "Star menu"


    As posted in the Dev Diary for the Halloween event:

    BB promised that the Golem buffs would be cleaned viz:
    "What happens to the Golem buffs in my Star Menu?
    The production resources will be refunded and the buffs removed. Running productions will be completed (in the allotted time) and the buffs will be refunded as soon as they are transferred to the Star menu."

    But I still have 10 Holy water in my star menu that will definitely be beyond the use-by date next Halloween. And they are ugly

    <edit> What is worse is that I answered quite a few questions on Northisle's Help channel regarding this very issue, and told all the inquisitors that the water would be removed when the event closed *double-*</edit>

    <edit #2> I have now been told that what you need to do is "use" the water on the mayor's house: why couldn't the devs or anyone else tell us that?</edit #2>
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