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Thread: Achievements and Adventures

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    Question Achievements and Adventures

    You know the achievements for each adv, there is four of them under the adv title.

    Well, is there guides for a one hit completion of these or am I living fantasy?

    Thank you for any assists.

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    Lots of the guides, for example from the wonderful Killste's set found at and also the wiki guides at include suggestions/advice/instructions for how to complete various achievements. With a bit of effort I am sure you could find how to complete many of them.

    As for a one-stop shop for everything, that may be something that the marvellous Fhearghus will work on one day (by the way, he's a bit shy and isn't used to being called marvellous, even though he is).

    Hoping this helps


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    Hi Night-Sprite!

    I have been working on this, but due to moving I have posted only one Guide for achievements, and that is of the Dark Priests.

    Hope you may find it useful!
    Here's the link:


    the above guides that VVidi refers to may have served me, too, well for many other things, but Not for the Adventures in Achievements!
    That's why I started creating my own,
    which I hope soon will be enriched by many more ...
    unfortunately, though, at the moment I cannot tell how soon 'soon' will be ...

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