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Thread: ACHIEVEMENTS - Old Friends

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    ACHIEVEMENTS - Old Friends


    This guide has been created with the purpose of fulfilling the Achievement-requirements.

    It's been inspired, thus credits are owed to Lulu for the map.
    Lulu's map for the camp positions is here

    For making this guide I have used this simulator

    To complete this achievement in full we need to do it in less than 2 hours,
    and ONLY USE R, M, S, and/or E.

    This is easily possible if you have fast generals, and in fact for this initial outline that's what I have used; it is what you'll find in Alternative 1. For players who don't have fast generals I'd suggest to wait until they have one, for the losses are really too many to worth the try.

    Alternative 1 - Vet, MMA, BHG

    Total Losses (including the last Leader-camp): about 470-550 R, 95 M, 22 S.
    Generals used: Veteran, MMA, & BHG, or simple general.

    Once the first two generals arrive (MMA, & BHG or simple general for the suicide) transfer them to the South-East on the two spots available near & to the left of the Witch Tower.

    We first attack the camp in front of the witch Tower,
    1- 100 Cultist, 50 Shadow, 20 Dance Dervish
    MMA w 167 E, 53 R. [50 R]

    For the Witch Tower one suicide wave is needed before attacking with MMA
    2a - BHG w 180 R, 20 M /or, 100 R, 100 M [all]
    2b - MMA w 100 R, 100 M, 20 S [100R 75M]

    Move your Vet as near as possible to the Bone Church, & your MMA too if you wish to attack the last Leader after the Bone Church is destroyed. (You will get full XP if you take this last Enemy-Leader's camp, for which you will loose 70-75 R.)

    3-Bone Church - 100 Cultists, 50 Dark Priests, 1 Dark High Priest
    Vet w 150 R, 100 S [150 R, 22S]

    At this point, you'll get the Quest Completed arrow, BUT if you choose to kill the last Leader-camp so that you'd get the Full xp -Do Not end the Adventure! Send the last attack, & after it's won then only complete the adventure!

    Last camp:
    4- 80 Cultist, 40 Shadow, 40 FireDancers
    MMA w 100 R, 120 E [69-76 R]


    PS- in red you see the Approximate losses for each camp

    For the troops-choosing, my intention was to have the least expensive losses possible.
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