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Thread: Recycling Manufactory Question

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    Recycling Manufactory Question

    How many can you use? somewhere it says 2 per player but my friend has like 4-5, are the amount you can use unlimited or limited to 2 per sector?

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    you only get 2 per player from the event.. every year you get a chance to get more plus you can buy a few from the shop

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    You can acquire only two from this event ( two more for guild coins in the guild market at the moment ) They are not tradeable at the moment so you can only acquire them through events, guild market or by purchasing them with gems from the merchant. You can have as many as the game lets you acquire. ( I have ten soon to be eleven )
    Are we to be told of adventure changes or not? 1 Month on and still SNEAKY RB changes have not been mentioned

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