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Thread: ACHIEVEMENTS-Bandit Nest [MMA +Cannons] easy Blocks

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    ACHIEVEMENTS-Bandit Nest [MMA +Cannons] easy Blocks

    This is a Bandit Nest guide adjusted to fully complete the achievement.

    For full completion of the Bandit Nest for Achievements we need to get it complete in Less than 3 hours, & use No Cavalry.

    The map I have used on which this Guide is based is here

    The simulator I have used is here

    The camp positions are therefore based on the above map, but the necessary adjustments are made for Not using Cavalry, & with MMA.

    Generals needed at the adventure:
    1 MMA, 2 Generals [more can be used for the troop transfer]

    Troops needed:
    260 R, 220 M, 213 S, 268 E, 50 XB, 130 K

    Total Troops Lost: 219-254R, 150-193M, 46-87S

    For the attacks to the first two enemy camps your MMA may be positioned anywhere.
    The rest attacks include Blocks so the positioning of all your camps is crucial for the success of the block.
    The two simple Generals are used for the blocks, while the actual fights are done with the MMA.

    For the Blocks: Send each next general Right After the drumming-sound of the previous one stops
    If you feel it took more time than that, Retreat & send again.

    1[/B]-100 Scavenger, 100 Ranger
    108 R, 112 K [73-94R]

    2- 100 Scavenger, 50 Guard Dog, 50 Ranger
    80 R, 10 M, 130 K [66-80R, 0-3M]

    3- 50 Guard Dog, 60 Roughneck, 80 Ranger, 1 Metal Tooth
    General 1 - 100 E
    General 2 - 41 S, 124 E

    MMA- 50 M, 69 S, 1 E, 100 K [50M, 20-42S]

    4 - 50 Guard Dog, 50 Ranger, 100 Roughnecl, 1 Chuck
    General 1 - 113 E

    MMA - 80 M, 49 S, 1 E, 90 K [80M,26-44S]

    5 - 100 Ranger, 100 Thug, 1-Eyed Bert
    General 1 - 152 E
    General 2 - 14 S, 115 E

    MMA - 80 R, 60 M, 19 S, 1 E, 50 XB,10 K [80R, 20-60M, 0-1 S]

    Good Luck!

    Please, feel free to write your comments, or any possible corrections
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