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Thread: The Nomz - Various Guides 2015

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    The Nomz - Various Guides 2015

    Thought it was time we started sharing...
    We will be uploading as we go, please feel free to comment or suggest on improvements, all views welcome!!

    Note: Some blocks will be marked as possibly dangerous, but be assured we are using those blocks over and over without issue before posting!! Please do NOT try them if you are not confident or willing to accept the minimal possibility of them failing!!!

    The Valiant Little Tailor 2015- The Nomz! With block video links
    Gens needed: 2x MMA, 1 Major, 2 Vet, 5 Normal and 8 any gens (1 MMA if you wish to wait the 2hr recovery)

    Units needed: 2560r, 1638b, 270c, 200e, 500Lb, 189s, 172xb, 199k, 35m
    Max units lost: 2560r, 1638b, 500Lb, 91s, 35m
    (Tested units lost: 2292r, 1638b, 500Lb, 79s, 35m)

    Motherly Love - 2 MMA - The Nomz!
    Gens needed: 2x MMA, 1 Vet, 1 Major

    Units needed: 617r, 201e, 181k
    Max units lost: 617r
    (Tested units lost: 585r)

    Return to Bandits Nest - 2 MMA - The Nomz!
    Gens needed: 2x MMA, 1 Major, 3x Normal

    Units needed: 154r, 338c, 190e, 92xb, 97k
    Max units lost: 154r (minimal chance of losing 10c)
    (Tested units lost: 141r)

    Roaring Bull - The Nomz! - 1 or 2 MMA option

    If using the 2MMA ending:
    Gens needed: 2 MMA, 1 Major, 4 Normal
    Units needed: 529r, 49b, 60s, 207c, 135xb, 143k, 193e
    Max Loss: 529r, 49b
    Tested losses: 507r, 47b

    If using the 1 MMA ending:
    Gens needed: 1 MMA, 1 Major, 4 Normal
    Units needed: 548r, 49b, 60s, 207c, 137xb, 143k, 193e
    Max Loss: 548r, 49b,
    Tested losses: 527r, 47b

    Lazy Nomz Guides
    Made with 'Lazy' in mind!!

    Bandit Nest - 2 MMA -Lazy Nomz!
    Gens needed: 2x MMA, 1 Major, 2x Vet, 5x Normal

    Units needed: 230r, 68s, 639c, 408e, 100xb, 252k
    Max unit lost: 230r, 68s

    Witch of the Swamp -2 MMA - Lazy Nomz!
    WOTS is a nice easy one for GQ's

    Gens needed: 3 Vet, 1 Major, 2MMA
    Units needed: 268r, 4e, 780c, 110k
    Max loss: 268r

    The Dark Brotherhood - 2 MMA- Lazy Nomz!
    Gens needed: 2 MMA, Major, 2 Vet, 2 Normal

    Units needed: 860r, 250e, 150xb, 495c, 240k
    Max units lost: 858r, 177c ( Could only be 739r max depending on assassin kill)
    Tested losses: 715r, 177c (Assassin kill went as would hoped saving up to 119r)
    Loot spot Assassin Kill!!
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