Hi all,

my first post on the forum, so please be gentle if this issues have been raised. Have been playing TSO for 136 days so I'm guessing I've missed a lot.

I would like to suggest that when on premium a person can:

- buff all buildings with a certain buff with 1-3 clicks. A feature that would allow a player to buff instantly with a buff that he/she selected making the game on premium more enjoyable and less of task. Chains would be buffed instantly and with ease.
- consolidated star items - no longer 25 stacks /stacks count up to some limit of 1k resources or similar - depending on the developers and how hard/easy it really is to do. But only if you have premium (when premium expires everything goes back to normal)
- a premium building that when premium ends is automatically on sleep or vacation. Let's call it general quatermasters - where you can assign troops that you need for adv - 433R, 543B, 203C,133XB for example and it automatically assigns it to your generals. The building has also a feature to automatically reassign all troops so it's no longer a manual thing, but you can release them from their duty and easily count how many more to recruit. The building can only be constructed while on premium, and doesn't have upgrade levels

Feel free to C&C, hoping I didn't raise already expressed ideas.

rocneasta / 43 / sandycove