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Thread: Looking For A Guild? [TEND] Suicidal Tendencies are Now Recruiting. FREE TO JOIN!

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    Looking For A Guild? [TEND] Suicidal Tendencies are Now Recruiting. FREE TO JOIN!

    Gtegarious Socialites Are Now Recruiting

    (All Levels Welcome)

    We are also thinking of starting a weekly quiz night in the near future in which you can "WIN PRIZES" e.g., Gold coins, adventures,buffs and more

    Hello Future Guildies,

    We are a very active guild looking to expand, we are so far a very friendly, welcoming and supportive group,we share resources. help with quests and guild quests,we offer and swap lootspots with each other and share useful tips & information, if this sounds like your perfect guild then hop on board.

    All We Require From You Is That You Are:

    -Willing to do guild quests
    -Respect & help other guild members
    -Get involved in events
    -Please have a trade office
    -And enjoy your time with us

    Suicidal Tendencies is a FREE to join guild so if you think this is the guild for you please reply here or send an in-game message or a friend request to leedl or kikijones.


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