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Thread: Login takes forever

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    Login takes forever

    Hi all,

    After yesterday's maint I tried to log back in just now; to no avail. Anyone else having the same trouble? Happened before, about a year ago, when I first attempted to login from one of my Linux boxes. Thought it was Flash related, but when I tried again recently, it seemed to worked OK; until today. If this is again a Flash issue, I'd rather delete my account and simply forget about TSO. Why don't you guys just port over to good 'ol Java? Flash is dead anyway. FYI: Same results in any browser, clean cache and the lot.

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    I have the same problem this morning, I'm using Chrome and it usually works fine, but the Testing game is dead today. The normal game is fine though. I managed to get on the testing game yesterday before and after the maintenance, but nothing today as yet.

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    Guys, if this problem is happening on the live servers, please contact support. You can use the contact form on this page.

    For the test server, I really can't help and you will have to keep an eye on their main page and forum for new information.

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    I have been having some issues with both logging in and loading the game since the last maintenance as well. For the entire week, both seem to take significantly longer than before. On top of that, I have been getting quite a few "A General Error has occurred. Please refresh the page and try again." messages popping up on my initial attempt to log in during the past few days. However, when that has happened, a second attempt at logging in has, so far, been successful.

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