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Thread: regular feast swapper

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    regular feast swapper

    I am looking for a regular swapper to do 100 feasts with me every 36hours.

    None of my 100 buildings are buildings that will need sleeping, So when you buff I would not need to be online, This could therefore be done at a time to suite you. I would prefer the same for your buildings if I'm honest as this would allow us both flexibility with our work/personal life.

    I would sooner avoid a premium player as a swapper as this really messes with the ending times in my opinion.

    As for communication I would suggest a private group here on the forum, We can both edit our own posts and have access to it while on each others islands.

    If interested either post here or mail me in game.

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    I realise this is quite old but i'll post anyway regarding steaks.

    Looking for regular steak swapper. I have a list of 84 that may well increase to a max of 100. List is always the same, and my building placement makes it easy for the buffer. Contact me in-game if interested.

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