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Thread: Expedition troops

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    Expedition troops

    Ok so I'm now doing my 2nd expedition. I'll give up after 2 battles. I've looked at the video, I've done the training expedition. Can someone please explain how we kill these camps when they deliver a lot more damage then we can? I've sent 100 up against 80 (and I checked against the video) and I'm being massacred. again. What exactly is the point when we use so many valuable resources when we seemingly don't stand a chance against these bandits. A retreat button once in battle would be a godsend.

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    to cully: you need to use the right troops. melee against cav, bow against melee and cav agaist bow. in battle you can switch between the troops you have in your general

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    Furthermore, you dont want to send heavy units in to battle, they have little damage and can not defend themselves, they are only good for blocks (this goes for the elite units too). Use your attack units for dealing damage and as Roland said, make sure you match up the types when attacking. It is handy to select your next set of units before the current wave ends or you wont have a chance to swap them with the desired troops

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