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Thread: Epic loot drops - no meat refills etc

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    Epic loot drops - no meat refills etc

    Please can BB revise the loots on epic adventures, RB, BK, DB & SE?

    They are called epic adventures, so lets have some epic loot in there like a handful of titanium bars, gunpowder or wheels instead and get rid of the endless (and fast becoming useless) meat refills.

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    Or they can change the name of "epic adventures" from rb, bk to "adventures you can spam the crap out of and get tons of resources + 5k gc from ls every hour until your brain goes mush"

    Dont get me wrong here, Im one of those who spams rb too. I say bump up the loot on the adv noone wants to do instead

    But thats just my 2 cents

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    Nice suggestion Jolly
    When it comes to Gene pools and shallow ends they can be found at the bar drinking pina colada's

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