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Thread: Cheaper Premium days!

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    Cheaper Premium days!

    Why have Premiums become so expensive?

    I usually only have time for adventures at the weekends, and the least Premium time I can buy is a 7 day one, which costs 800 gems.
    At least 5 days of that will be wasted, as I spend too many hours at work during the week to use it.

    Why can we no longer buy 1 or 2 or 3 day bundles? I suspect more people would spend their gems on them if they came in better value bundles.

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    go to 50, get SC's buy one buy one every week

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    doubt you'll see 1 or 2 days for gems as people would just save free gems to buy them, 3 day premium was sold for an event iirc can't remember which one though. Your probably correct about more people being prepared to buy a 3 day premium than a 7 day premium and I can't see why BB didn't put that option in the merchant.

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    +1 to 3 day premium option
    Sorry, but I've slept since then...

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