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Thread: my 10 game suggestion

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    my 10 game suggestion

    First of all i have to say that English is not my main Language so doing my best.I also dont care for any comments on my suggestions,this is my beat it.Also maybe some of this suggestions have been done in the past,,well then it has,,and i am suggestion them again.Also i dont think BB will lisen to this so if they do on 1 its a victory he he..but then atleast they have been suggested,also must mension that i have played this game since august 2012 so have quite a bit exp With this game.

    1.Add more trade slots i trade alot and i suspect that others do to,so more of them is needed ((NOT for gems))
    2.Make adv stack in star meny,i have hundreds of adventures,so would be Nice if the could stack up,also not just adv all kind of stuff would have made it alot easyer to find stuff in star meny.
    3.Teleport on Tailor adv..when you have cleared should be possible that an teleport would been free up,so ls buyer dosent have to walk 25 min+ to make a kill.
    4.ADD MORE LVS TO THE GAME...this would been a great thing.
    5.Please make it more important/benefits to bee a member of a guild,so and guild island that guild have owned would be can holds quests that guild members would have to do there on dayli bases,different mines/buildings that gives dayli reward or weekly reward to each guild member.more active guild members higher the rewards..its only imagination..that hold off that many fun Things you could do With an guild island.Anyway any chanches that would it make it more important to be in a guild.would be great.
    6.Add ships and port to the game trade With Foreign empires.also there you guys could do much.
    7.Boost the loot in Coop adv please NO one is playing them any more please make them Worth play again would be so Nice miss that.
    8.Please make more buildings tradeable eks hospital Church in WW.infact MAKE more stuff tradeable/giftable
    9.Lower the cost of pvp weapons 90 % dont do pvp due to the high cost of making those weapons,dont think that was the intention.
    10.make x 5 buffs and buffs that last longer ecample x 2 buff that last for a week.

    okay this was my 10 suggestions have fun People and happy egg hunting.also it would have been fun With some more events miss those crisis events) regards from danny

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    1. I'd actually go for a cheapish gem option (1000 gem for 1st slot, 2000 for second etc etc) if the bought slots then became free, but BB wouldn't price them right so it wouldn't matter.
    2. all for stacking star.
    3. probably easier to add 2 landing zones for ls near last sector.
    4. More levels ok but need content to go with it.
    5. Something to make guilds more relevant a good idea.
    6. I'd add a docks with a skill tree to say cut travel times on generals, maybe import foreign goods as a gold sink.
    7. Agree
    8. Disagree hard to get buildings should remain that way. Would prefer introduction of Monumental buildings that cost loads to build and boost Island.
    9. not done PvP so can't really say but BB just announced some reductions in cost.
    10. Disagree x4 is plenty, though I would like to see some way of x4 barracks for at least 12 hours.

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