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Thread: The Final Insult

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    The Final Insult

    Finally, just after midnight scored the magic 3,760,000 xp to finish the game.
    Up came the reward screen, 2500 gems, some gold coins and of course, the big prize for completing TSO, the Level III Bottomless Well!
    Not sure if gems credited, didn't seem to increase but with so many screens popping up, may have missed it, but the big disappointment is the Well.
    It isn't there.
    So, my trophy for completing TSO is nowhere to be seen.
    We love our new CM.

    Newfoundland: 20th November 2011 to 25th November 2014. RIP
    It was good while it lasted.

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    hmm not sure what you mean, but I got artesian well IV as reward... might also be some quest reward.. it is on my star miscs and bottomless well, what isn´t bottomless, you can build when you reach level 50.. on your building menu...

    Gemms were rewarded, and actually there was more than 2500 of them, but also got many quest done at same time, when reached level 50.

    Hopefully you´ll find your well

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    Gratz on hitting the big 50 nogbad and the joy of starcoins but yes the disappointing well is definitely not bottomless....

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    The Bottomless Well is not a 'deed' like the Artesian Well.
    The award unlocks them in the building menu:

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